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Issue your NIF, CIF and Social Security Registry online without coming to Spain

If you wish to buy a property in Spain, develop a professional activity or set up a company in Spain, you will have to fulfill certain obligations with the Spanish Tax Office. Therefore, our Law Firm can help you completing all the necessary paperwork to do so.

Steps to Complete Your Application

Step 1

Fill the corresponding application form according to your case (NIF, CIF or Social Security).

Step 2

Complete payment using any of the available methods.

Step 3

Verify your email to find further instructions according to your selected service.

Step 4

Send us the necessary documentation.

Step 5

Receive your documentation at home.

TAX Identification Number

Any Spaniard or foreigner who needs to perform any operation considered of taxable nature shall count with a Tax Identification Number. This is a personal number granted for life and you will need to issue first a DNI or NIE according to your case in order to request it in the Tax Administration Office.

An individual shall issue a NIF and a company shall issue a CIF.

What are the advantages of applying online for them?

  • You will save money and time for you don’t need to come to Spain.
  • We will deal with the corresponding Spanish offices, queues and paperwork.
  • You can apply from your home or office.
  • You will receive your documentation in your home country in short.
  • Why do I need a Nif number or Tax ID in Spain
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  • I needed my NIE, NIF and Social Security number urgently for I was offered a job, and you provided a very efficient service. Thank you