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If you are incorporating a company in Spain, it shall count with CIF which is the Corporate Tax Identification number. This number is required to every business in Spain for without it you just can’t operate within the Spanish territory. The CIF is assigned to all legal entities whether Spanish or foreigners.

The CIF will be your business’ identification number to all effects when carrying out any legal or mercantile transaction. It must be issued in the Spanish Tax Office -or “Delegación de Hacienda” in Spanish-, for once your company starts to operate, you shall comply with the corresponding fiscal duties. All companies that hold a CIF shall include the IVA (“Impuesto al Valor Agregado” in Spanish) or VAT in their invoices.

For instance, as a foreigner if you decided to set up a company in Spain, you should follow certain steps and procedures, such as verifying if the name of your future company is in used, registering the company and opening the bank account among others. Among these steps, one of the most important is to apply for a provisional tax number or CIF which can be issued at the Tax Office prior to the granting of the deed of incorporation. This provisional tax ID might be requested by the financial entities to open the bank account where the initial capital of the company is going to be. The final Tax Identification Number certificate can be issued only when the company has been duly registered in the Commercial Registry.

Our Law Firm can help you issuing your CIF without coming to Spain. Our purpose is to facilitate this process for you, so you can start your commercial or professional activity in our country as soon as possible whether you are in Spain or not. We will deal with the Tax administration on your behalf, fill out all the forms which generally are in Spanish, will set the appointment and submit the documentation for you. Once we have your certificate, we will send it to you. If you wish to know our fees contact us or go to the fees and services link.

What documents will be requested when issuing the Tax ID of my company?

In general, when issuing your provisional Tax Identification Number, you will be asked to provide:

  • Copy of the certificate of name of the company.

  • Copies of the passports, NIEs, residency documents or any other document proving the identification of the shareholders.

  • A statement of the shareholders in relation to the future incorporation of the company.

On the other hand, when issuing the final Tax Identification Number, in addition to the documents stated before, you will be asked to provide:

  • The corresponding form signed by the director and shareholders along with the payment of the administrative fee.

  • The Deed of incorporation of the company issued at the Notary.

  • The address of the company.

For our clients who are domiciled out of the country, we can apply on their behalf by submitting at the Tax Office the deed of incorporation and the corresponding Power of Attorney. In order to draft this Power of Attorney, we will need the statutes of the company where it is outlined who is the director of the company, so we can address to him or her this document.

The Power of Attorney must be notarized and legalized. In the event that the deed of incorporation and the statutes are not in Spanish, they shall be translated into Spanish by an official interpreter.

If you have further questions about the process, fees or the documents to be submitted, please contact us and we will answer you shortly.