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Nif Foreign Company


If you are looking to access the Spanish market or to do any kind of business activity in Spain with your foreign company, such as investing in a Spanish company, setting up a Spanish company as shareholder, purchasing a property, or sell goods in Spain surpassing the 35,000 Euros threshold of sales in Spain, you will have to register your company before the Spanish tax authorities and obtain a tax identification number known as N.I.F which stands for Numero de Identification Fiscal. To that end, the legal representative will also needs his own Spanish tax id (NIE & NIF).

Spanish bureaucracy can be sometimes overwhelming and extremely slow, let us navigate this process on your behalf, simplifying the obtention of your company´s spanish tax id number. Allowing you to focus on your business and expediting the application to such tax identification number.

We can apply for your company’s tax ID number without you coming to Spain. Our lawyers will draft a special power of attorney (bilingual), solely for such purpose. Fill in this form and one of our lawyers will contact you to start your application today.

Apply for your NIF as Foreign Company in Spain

Fee: 500€