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If you are willing to live, work and develop any economic activity in Spain you must know that you will be bound to pay taxes, therefore needing a Tax Identification Number for such purposes. In Spain, the law foresees that nationals, residents and foreigners shall have an identification number; for instance, a Spaniard shall issue a DNI (“Número de Identificación” or “carnet de identidad” in Spanish) and a foreigner shall issue a NIE (“Número de indentificación de extranjero” in Spanish). Once you have your personal identification number, you will be able to request a NIF (“Número de Identificación Fiscal” in Spanish).

Spanish citizens’ NIF is their DNI number plus a capital letter. As a foreigner, generally you will be requested to have firstly a NIE number for any transaction you wish to perform in Spain such as opening a bank account, study, work, buying a property, boat, car, etc. However, if you have to comply with any fiscal process for a large amount of money related to any of the abovementioned economic transactions, you shall issue your NIF. This number will be used and required for fulfilling any legal procedure or duty before the Spanish Tax Office (“Agencia Tributaria” in Spanish).

Our service for issuing your NIF.

Carrying out an operation of a taxable nature or transcendence binds you to pay taxes in Spain. In order to get your NIF, you shall issue first your NIE and then register in the Spanish Tax Office completing and submitting the corresponding paperwork prior appointment. Dealing with Spanish Officers can be time consuming for it requires scheduling an appointment, queues and completing forms in Spanish. Our Law Firm can help you with all your paperwork, queues, and avoid that Spanish language turns into a bigger obstacle between you and your application.

Just by contacting our Law Firm, we will be able to help you getting your NIF from the Spanish Tax Office. Once you have completed the form and payment, we will sent an email with the form that you must print, sign and send us back with the copy of your passport, so we can get your NIF on 2 days. Finally, we will send you the document by post.

When you will be requested a NIF.

You could be requested the NIF given any of the following mercantile and legal cases:

  • If you have been appointed director or manager of a Spanish Company.
  • If you will be a partner of a Spanish Company.
  • If you are receiving an inheritance in Spain and you need to pay the corresponding taxes to claim such inheritance.
  • If you are planning to work as an autonomous.
  • If you are planning to incorporate a company in Spain.

Remember that living in Spain for a long period and developing any activity within Spanish territory will lead you to fulfill certain obligation with the Tax Office. Therefore, keeping up to date all your documentation, information and taxes payment, can help you avoiding legal problems in the future. Our Law Firm will be there to support you and guide you over these, our service is aimed to make your life easier and help you dealing with paper work and burocracy. If you have any question or wish to proceed with your only application, please contact our Law Firm.