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Social Security Number


If you will be staying in Spain for a long period, whether to, reside, work or study, you will be requested to issue your Social Security Number at the corresponding office of the Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social.

This number is unique and it will be entitled to any foreigner who counts with a legal permit to live in Spain for it is very often requested at the tax office as well as when initiating any professional activity, whether working for a third party or as a self-employed. The Spanish Social Security foresees different benefits for those who are actively working, for instance, access to public health, medical leaves, pensions, disabilities, motherhood and fatherhood, among others.

If you are a Spanish citizen or a national of any of the countries of the European Union, you will be able to register in the Social Security just by submitting a valid DNIE or NIE respectively. Even those relatives of an EU national (spouse and children) will be able to issue their Social Security number. However, if you are not a citizen of an EU member State, you shall have a valid work permit to register and issue your Social Security number.

Our Law Firm offers this service for both individuals and companies who need to issue the Social Security numbers for themselves or its workers respectively. Our purpose is to facilitate any process and paperwork before the corresponding Spanish Office, so you can start developing your lucrative activity in Spain.

How can I register for my Social Security Number?

Generally, as a foreigner if you are offered a job in Spain, your employer shall handle all the paperwork to get your NIE and Social Security Number before the corresponding authorities. On the other hand, if you will be working as a self-employed, you shall pay your own social security.

However, you must consider that when working as a self-employed, you are not entitled to unemployment, medical leaves or other benefits from the social security. Similarly, foreign students registered in the Social Security are not entitled to unemployment.

You shall register in the nearest Social Security Office of your location. You shall fill the corresponding form* and submit along with your NIE. Once you have been registered in the Social Security, you will receive a registration number (número de afiliación in Spanish) and will be covered by the Spanish public health, though your employer shall activate your work contract in order to have access to other benefits (pension, leaves, death, etc.)

You must know that this form is only in Spanish and other languages officially recognized in Spain such as Catalan, Euskera, Valenciano, etc. Therefore, if you hire our legal services, we will handle everything for you: the form, the appointment and the queue. Once we have the number, we will scan it and send it to you by email and later by post.

Contact us and we will solve this and any other issue that you may need to solve or fulfill before the Social Security Office.