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Why do I need a Nif number or Tax ID in Spain


Most people think that once they obtain the NIE number certificate they are ready to go and finish the pending business they have in Spain.

If the reason why you applied for the NIE number certificate was to purchase a house, buy a car, set up a company in Spain or buy shares in an already existing one, become self employed or inherit assets from a relative in Spain, then you will definitely need to register such number with the tax office.

You can try and get hold of the Consulate and ask them to do it, with their usual delay in their response.

If time is of the essence, it is advisable to obtain it online with us. It is done the same day of your application and you will receive it in your email.
* Process applicable for individuals, as in the case of companies the process requires sending original power of attorney notarized and legalized.

After you have obtained the NIE number you need to book an appointment with your local tax office, fill in the 030 form and submit the copy of your Passport and nie number certificate. It is important to fill it in correctly to avoid changing your tax residency if you do not wish Spain to be such.

We are spanish lawyers and we can obtain such number online the same day thus solving the urgency matter for our clients in need.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about the process.

Call our UK number or our office in Spain, all our staff members are bilingual.