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Posted by Romina in Uncategorized 11 Sep 2023

When you decide to do business with companies outside the European borders, whether importing or exporting products, you need to be clear about what type of procedures you must solve before starting said commercial activity. One of them is the EORI number.

Eori: Economic Operators Registration and Identification numbers, its acronym in English, EORI is an unique number throughout the European Union, assigned by the customs authority in a Member State to economic agents (companies), or individuals. By registering for customs purposes in a Member State, an Economic Operator is able to obtain an EORI number valid throughout the European Union.

In this way, the EORI number serves to identify, in an easy and fast way, the economic operator before the customs authorities.

An economic operator is that natural or legal person, or entity (company, society, cooperative, self-employed worker, etc.) established in the customs territory of the European Union that, within the framework of their professional or business activity, sells (exports) or purchase (import) products, goods or merchandise.

Who needs an EORI number?

If your company must appear as an exporter or importer in a customs clearance of a shipment through a Spanish port or airport, you will need an EORI number, otherwise the shipment cannot be cleared at customs.

Each company must obtain its EORI number in the Member State where its first import/export takes place. This will normally be your country of origin. Once you get the EORI number, it will be valid for all EU member states.

If your company is not registered in Spain but you have tax representation or have obtained a VAT number in Spain, you will still need an EORI number, which will be the same one you already obtained in your country of origin linked to the NIF obtained in Spain. You must request said link to Customs.

How to get the EORI number in Spain?

To get an EORI valid in the EU territory from Spain, you have to go to the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency, access by digital certificate, electronic DNI or Cl@Ve Pin system, and fill out the fields that the web application asks for :

*Full (particular) or business name (company).

*Date of birth (particular) or date of constitution (company)

*Tax residence*Specify whether you are a legal or physical person.

If you want to carry out any procedure or if you want to present your Application, it has an expert team in the field. Fill out this contact form and we will call you to start everything as soon as possible.

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